Summonses App Reviews

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Doesn’t work

Another update and it’s still barely usable!

Amazing Updated Summons App

We needed a summonses app that works with the new iOS and this is it. It’s missing a few things we used to have but it’s a work in progress. App response and feedback is very quick and no bugs yet.

Poor substitute for summons app

I wasted $2 on app that the laws/rules & codes are overlapping each other to point the data is illegible. You cannot scroll all the way down. TLC rules are outdated since 55 rules for drivers have been changed to 80 rules more than a year & 1/2 ago. Most of FHV 59a rules are not used and there are no 58 rules for yellow taxi owners, or paratransit, commuter vans. I thought this was a “new” version of the old summons app but it’s not. The worst app for law enforcement.

Seriously you’re crying over $1.99

App is an excellent replacement and much needed on patrol. I can’t believe people are actually complaining about paying $1.99 for an app that really should cost more. Very minor bugs but by no means makes the app unusable.

Stop complaining

This is a different developer. Quit whining, work 2 minutes of OT and pay that $1.99. Great app, better than the old summons app and weekly updates. Again, stop crying because you have to shell out $ hairbags


I also find it absurd that you did not just update the original app and are requiring me to pay another $1.99

Excellent App!

This app is great! One thing to make it better is a Favorite List feature!

Good replacement

This app works well as a replacement and having the OATH summonses is great. One issue I run into is the search option only queries the title of the summons and not the description or code. Having the option to search via code or summons descriptions would be highly useful. Thanks for making a great app.


Great app

A good replacement

This is a decent replacement for another app that stopped working. Some things need to be fixed, such as text going off screen. Hopefully more codes and a favorite list gets added into future updates.

Needs major improvement

If this was an update to the previous version I find it absurd that you are requiring people to pay again to download this application. Very poorly designed and needs improvement

Tons of information

Great easy to use app. Has everything I need

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